Stack Streaming gives broadcasters of all sizes the ability to optimize their earning potential while streaming events through ads, pay-per-view models and much more.

We provide our users with everything they need to easily monetize their content – including offering integration with third-party ad networks.

Below, we’ve outlined three easy ways of growing your organization’s online revenue using Stack Streaming.

Sell sponsor ads

Sponsors, contributors and boosters are there to support broadcasters. Because of this, we provide the broadcasters who use the Stack Streaming platform with 100% control of their banner, pre-roll or on-air ad space.

In turn, this enables sponsored adverts to be more tailored to the local area relevant to the broadcaster/team in question – thus providing a more targeted ROI from a sponsors’ perspective and increasing the potential for better leads from the streams they choose to advertise within.

A better ROI for sponsors mean they’ll be inclined to come back for more, further enhancing the long-term financial prosperity of the broadcaster.

Pay-per-view, tickets and passes

Broadcasters can choose how fans access their live events, from open access to pay-per-view models or selling tickets to streams.

Our end-to-end solution handles the entire payment process, and broadcasters can instantly accept credit cards and redeem earnings via ACH transfer.

Sell instant downloads or stream files

Broadcasters can set custom prices on a game-by-game basis and sell copies of games for instant download in MP4 format.

Fans get access to purchased files immediately – and with all events archived, supporters, family and friends can even go back and purchase copies of particularly memorable games.

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