BaseballSoftballUK will enhance their digital broadcasting abilities, thanks to the support of Stack Streaming – the newest addition to the Stack Sports family.

Stack Streaming recently enjoyed its official launch, following Stack Sports’ acquisition of Meridix, the leading provider of cutting-edge live streaming solutions, earlier this year.

Stack Streaming has seamlessly integrated into the Stack Sports ecosystem alongside several other products, further solidifying its position as a vital component within the sports technology conglomerate.

Stack Streaming will continue to build upon Meridix’s strong foundation as a pioneer in live streaming services, offering a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet the needs of sports organisations, schools, teams, and broadcasters.

Stack Streaming’s advanced technology ensures seamless, high-quality live streaming of sporting events across various platforms and devices. And with a user-friendly interface, interactive features and robust analytics capabilities, Stack Streaming empowers sports organisations – big or small – to engage with their audiences on a whole new level.

Customers can expect even greater levels of service, reliability and innovation as Stack Sports and Stack Streaming work together to optimise the live streaming experience.

BaseballSoftballUK will make use of Stack Streaming at the British Baseball Federation National Baseball Championship Series, with further events set to take place in the months ahead. This follows on from the use of BSUK-TV for the recent Royal Spark Challenge games.

Chris Knoblock, BaseballSoftballUK public relations officer & sports broadcaster, said: “The goal for BSUK-TV, as we’re calling it, is to remove as many technical and practical barriers as possible so that any team in the United Kingdom will be able to stream their games.

“The Stack Streaming platform, powered by Meridix, was by far the best option to host the network – it demystifies the streaming process, and allows our teams, no matter their size or technical ability, to create high-quality broadcasts in minutes.

“The network will roll out across the UK in 2024, and I’m incredibly excited to unlock BSUK-TV’s potential to connect British baseball and softball with fans, wherever they’re watching globally.”

About Stack Streaming

Stack Streaming can connect your teams and fans with live streaming at any level, from youth sports to professional, and everything in between!

It’s time to broadcast events like a pro, thanks to Stack Streaming. Stack Streaming is one of the fastest-growing video streaming and broadcast platforms in sports. With over 200,000 events live-streamed and the ability to produce from any device from phones to AI cameras, your fans are empowered to catch every moment of the action. The easy-to-use monetization tools have also generated substantial revenue for sports organizations worldwide, via advertising, instant downloads and pay-per-view options.

In 2023, Stack Sports acquired the Meridix live streaming platform and relaunched it as Stack Streaming, building on Meridix’s long-time and extensive experience in the live streaming industry.

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