Sportsgram Network first began working with Meridix (now known as Stack Streaming) in 2008, and it’s clear to see how the relationship has developed in a positive way over time. 

Sportsgram was established in 2005 to provide audio broadcasts for local high schools. They made the move to Stack Streaming three years later, having previously used another provider.

As the business grew, they were asked to begin producing live and tape delay video streaming, and as of 2020, over 95% of their broadcasts were live video.

“The main benefit of using Stack Streaming is the ease of use and consistency,” said Terry Gregory, Sportsgram Network founder and co-owner.

“The platform has been solid over many years, and the system is easy to use. We love the option to pay for a channel to get more features, and the ability to use a free channel with ads when that is the better option.

“We have also integrated our website ( to interface with the platform APIs to make it easy to keep our website updated with live and archived content and upcoming schedules, while minimizing duplication.”

Sportsgram Network work primarily with local high schools and their booster organizations, although they do have a direct relationship with several school districts. 

In addition, they work with a local junior college conference and a Division 3 NCAA conference, producing and live-streaming various championships. 

The sports they cover include football, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming and diving – even an ice hockey game or two as well!

To date, they have produced over 3,000 live broadcasts on the platform.

So, how beneficial is it for players and participants of all levels to have a platform like Stack Streaming to further their chances of progression?

“From a player perspective, it allows recruiters and coaches to see players they may not have visibility to without our service,” Gregory said.

“Additionally, it allows extended family and alumni to stay in touch with their families and teams.

“In terms of the platform’s highlights functionality, we have had minimal use of the feature to date, although we have used it in the past. This is probably an area we need to revisit and exploit, which fills us with real confidence about how much more we can look to grow using the Stack Streaming platform.”

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